Given the opportunity we’d wager most of us would opt to live in down outerwear all the time. Down pants, down slippers, down hoodie. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But there’s the whole issue of that being insane cus you’d probably die of heat exhaustion. But what if your down jacket was actually a down shirt? Is that insane, too? Maybe, but in a good way. Just ask Japanese down specialist and outdoor outfitter Nanga. Their Down Tee is exactly that, and we’re sold.

The extremely lightweight, Japanese-made mid layer uses nearly 100% premium goose down from Poland kept in place by precision stitching and a unique grid pattern specifically designed to evenly distribute the down. The collar is insulated too, to protect your vitals. And a snap button front ensures an ultra clean look and easy entry/exit (you know, sometimes you just need to rip off a down garment cus you overheat all of a sudden—the snaps help in such scenarios).

Sturdy 20D nylon makes up the shell outer layer, helping keep the elements out while making a further argument for this piece being the ultimate travel layer. After all, it packs down to about the size of Coke can.