The easiest way to turn your everyday bike into a genuine grocery getter a proper front rack. Sure, rear racks and saddle bags are great too, but can get a bit too aggressive and awkward when weighed down. That said, aside from pegs few accessories add ~Posi Vibes~ quite like a basket. Now imagine an even more functional basket and you’ve got a flat pizza rack.

Take this custom build by London-based furniture designer Dean Edmonds, for example. It’s pure class. But for the rest of us not in the market for a full custom build—this pizza rack from Specialized is about as good as it gets.

The porteur style flat rack is made of lightweight and sturdy steel and designed to work with both around-town commuters and touring rig setups. With a max load of 33 lbs, feel free to go nuts at Trader Joes—though sorry human friends, no free front rides on this pony. Just grab a bungee cord and strap down whatever you need to haul.

Plus, for folks looking for extra storage space, the Specialized Pizza Rack can also accommodate side panniers with hooks that fit on 13mm or larger rails. The whole build is as minimal as could be, resulting in an elegant, functional design.