The easiest way to turn your everyday bike into a genuine grocery getter a proper front rack. Sure, rear racks and saddle bags are great too, but can get a bit too aggressive and awkward when weighed down. That said, aside from pegs few accessories add ~Posi Vibes~ quite like a basket. Now imagine an even more functional basket and you’ve got a flat rack.

Take this custom build by London-based furniture designer Dean Edmonds for outdoor and design boutique Kinoko, for example. It’s pure class. The English designer worked with Kinoko on the build out of their London brick and mortar, and in the process found time work on a few smaller projects—this pizza rack being the most notable if you ask us.

The custom, porteur-style flat rack is made of solid and perforated steel—a material Edmonds is well known for working with. The perforations allow loads to be tied down in a variety of ways. The whole build is as minimal as could be, resulting in an elegant, functional design of the likes we wish were available to the masses. Sadly, this one’s a one-off. But keep an eye on Kinoko… who knows what will come of the collaboration down the line.