Field Mag's Favorite 15 Limited-Edition Nalgene Water Bottles

From outdoor mainstays to iconic bands and rare Japanese brands, these are the best design takes on the ubiquitous bottle

Field Mag's Favorite 15 Limited-Edition Nalgene Water Bottles


Bob Myaing

Bob Myaing is a Philadelphia-based mountain biker, climber, and writer with an unhealthy gear obsession.

If you've ever been even remotely outdoorsy in your life, you've likely owned a Nalgene bottle. Despite the myrid of options any one person who wants to carry water has to choose from (like some very nice vacuum styles), the Naglene remains ubiqitous. Affordable, rugged, and made in the good ole US of A. What's not to love?

I've owned and lost a solid handful in my lifetime, each with a collage of stickers (ahem, slaps) which have enabled me to express myself/tell people what sorts of hobbies I have and which craft breweries I'm a fan of. Take a survey of the local campsites, trailheads, crags, or any sort of venue where outdoorsy folk are found and you'll likely find a good sampling of stickered up Nalgene bottles.

A number of brands have looked to this democratic vessel to imprint their identity and artwork. This is just a small sampling of what's out there, from Supreme's little red box to Peter Saville's Unknown Pleasures graphic by way of Pleasres. Who knows, maybe one day there might even be a Field Mag bottle to join them.


Brain Dead 32oz Nalgene

Los Angeles Streetwear brand—and occasional TNF collaborator—Brain Dead utilizes Nalgene's from 16 oz all the way up to 48 oz for their graphics.
Price: $24 SHOP NOW


And Wander x Nalgene 650ml

Japanese techy-outdoor fashion brand And Wander takes a different approach by using one of Nalgene's storage bottles.
Price: $39 SHOP NOW


Pleasures x Joy Division 32oz Nalgene

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of seminal record Unknown Pleasures, punk-inspired streetwear brand Pleasures collaborated with Joy Division to create an entire capsule collection featuring Peter Saville's iconic artwork. One of those items just happens to be this bottle.
Price: $35 SHOP NOW


Mister Green Bong Water 32oz Nalgene

Branded with a very specific purpose in mind... pairs well with a titanium DangleBong.
Price: $24 SHOP NOW


Chums Booby Logo 1000ml Nalgene

CHUMS was founded in the states as a brand offering eyeglass lanyards for outdoorsy folk, but in Japan, they're a full-blown outdoor lifestyle brand with apparel, bags, and yes, water bottles.
Price: ¥2,090 SHOP NOW


Nalgene Glow In The Dark 32oz

We haven't tested this one personally, yet, but it's supposed to glow in the dark, and that's very exciting.
Price: $12 SHOP NOW


Chaco 32oz Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle

Chaco and Nalgene? A truly righteous combo, Subaru Outback sold separately.
Price: $12 SHOP NOW


Fayettechill Abstract 32oz Nalgene

Ozark-based Fayetteville makes goods for the woods. These Matisse-esque shapes are fun, and we are big fans of fun, so we're big fans of this bottle.
Price: $16 SHOP NOW


Supreme 32oz Nalgene

Supreme just had to do it to em... er us? Snag one wherever resellers scam suburban teenagers out of thier parents' money.
Price: ~$50 SHOP NOW


Hollain 32oz Nalgene

Endless Summer vibes from one of our favorite Korean outdoor lifestyle brands.
Price: $18 SHOP NOW


REI Co-op 32oz Nalgene

A handsome colorway from our favorite co-op that pairs with well with any scouting uniform.
Price: $11 SHOP NOW


Nalgene HDPE 32oz

For the UL fan, Nalgene has a lightweight high-density polyethylene model that's a whole 70g lighter than their transparent offerings. Every ounce counts!
Price: $8 SHOP NOW


Eden Power Corp 32oz Nalgene

Eden Power Corp is a streetwear brand with a serious name, but less serious goods. Well, that's at least what I've garnered from this tie-dyed crossbody water bottle carrier.
Price: $28 SHOP NOW


Parks Project Smal Mouth 32oz Nalgene

A message that most of us should be able to get behind. Founded by ex-TOMS employees, Parks Project partners with conservancies to donate funds from sales to make and keep parks excellent.
Price: $20 SHOP NOW


Crust Bikes 48oz Nalgene

Even discontinued we're still super into the vibe that this tallboy is putting out. Same goes for the Crust bikes themselves.

Published 04-07-2020