A Crowdsourced Guide to Socially Responsible Gift Giving

Environmentally-focused products and brands owned by underrepresented peoples spanning outdoors, fashion, jewelry, art, and home goods

A Crowdsourced Guide to Socially Responsible Gift Giving


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Our friend Luisa Jeffery of You Did Not Sleep There asked her IG followers for gift giving suggestions on eco and ethical products and brands owned by women and other underrepresented people. So we've offered to give her crowdsourced list a platform, which follows in her words.

If you’re anything like me, the annual ritual of gift giving associated with the holiday season feels daunting. Part of me wishes we would just scrap it. Another part loves finding that perfect item I know a loved one will cherish. I find myself asking, “Why am I doing this? Am I just a puppet in capitalism's game?” 

I don’t have the answers to such existential questions. But I do have is a thought. A commitment. Each year I purchase gifts from businesses owned by friends or acquaintances. I will take this ritual society has pushed upon us and use it for good. I’ll gift better.

This year, with the help of my Instagram community on @YouDidNotSleepThere, we created a guide that can help you purchase from people who are hustling. People who are breaking societal norms. People who are doing things to make the world better. 

Below you’ll find business owned by women and other traditionally underrepresented people. Brands who are purpose driven and ethical. Products that are manufactured locally and are made with the environment in mind.

Hope this can help you gift a little bit better this year too.


Outdoors and Active Lifestyle

Designs the uniform you need to build a deep connection to the outdoors, and joins the ranks of people working to protect it.
Distinctions: Eco, Donation Program

Swift Industries
Bicycle bags for adventure seekers.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Made in USA

Native Outdoors
Outdoor apparel and community liaison highlighting and supporting Native people in the outdoors to address the lack of representation in the industry. Native Outdoors also provides advisory and consulting services on topics within the intersection of tribes, public lands, and outdoor recreation.
Distinctions: Indigenous-Owned, Purpose Driven

Wild Rye
Technical and beautiful mountain apparel created to inspire confidence and get more women outside.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Purpose Driven

Mafia Bags
Bags and backpacks manufactured from upcycled sails.
Distinctions: Eco, POC-Owned, Woman-Owned

Multimedia project at the intersection of art and rock climbing.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned

Dovetail Workwear
Design-driven work clothes for women created to fill the fit, function, and durability gap in women's workwear.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Purpose Driven

Red Ants Pants
The first brand to make work clothes specifically for women. Each piece is made in Montana for farmers, growers, builders, and doers.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Made in USA

Renewal Workshop
Retailer of restored clothing made from garments specifically selected from a larger pool of unsellable inventory, to make the planet healthier by reducing waste and recovering value.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Purpose Driven

Go Lite
Apparel for athletes and travelers who want technical details in a light, sustainable footprint. (Use code BETTERGIFT19 for 15% off)
Distinctions: Eco, Ethical

Kula Cloth
A next-level technical antimicrobial pee cloth. (Use code FIELDMAG10 for 10% off)
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco

MA Wovens
Yoga mats made of hemp and 30% less synthetic foam than traditional mats.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco

Energy products designed for off-grid households in emerging markets and outdoor recreation users seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging.
Distinctions: Eco, Purpose Driven

Wander North Georgia
Cute gifts for the outdoor enthusiast.
Distinctions: Transparent/Ethical Practices, Donation Program

Shar Snacks
All organic, responsibly sourced, and handcrafted snacks for outdoor adventures.
Distinctions: Responsibly Sourced, Donation Program


Fashion and Accessories

New York-based womenswear and accessory brand driven by a mission to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Indigenous-Owned, Purpose Driven

Fucking with gender stereotypes since 2013. Because a womxn should wear whatever the hell she wants.
Distinctions: Women Owned, LGBTQ Owned, Purpose Driven

Lucy and Yak
Ethical, sustainable, indie dungarees (and more!)
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Ethical, Purpose Driven, Eco

Hara the Label
Consciously created bamboo undergarments that are soft, beautiful, and sustainable.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco, Ethical

Urban Native Era
Apparel and products spreading awareness about indigenous issues and supporting Indigenous nations across the world.
Distinctions: Indigenous Peoples Owned

Dear Survivor
Committed to designing quality, long-lasting earrings made exclusively with upcycled materials left behind by large scale manufacturing
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco, Ethical

Wolf Circus
Demi-fine jewelry made by hand in Vancouver using recycled metals.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco

Artist turned apparel designer from Australia.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, LGBTQ Owned

Elevate Magic Jewelry
High vibe crystals, sustainably harvested woods, and an appreciation for a subtle, elegant aesthetic blend together to create something that feels unique + meaningful.
Distinctions: Women Owned, Eco

Sela Designs
Jewelry made by hand mostly using eco-friendly tagua nuts, fiber, and metal.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Donation Program

Look Out Bolo
One-of-a-kind handmade bolo ties crafted from vintage jewelry.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned



Brooklyn Bell Design
Mountain inspired illustrations on prints and tshirts.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned

Latasha Dunson
Denver based artist creating llustrations and paintings inspired by the outdoors.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned

To the Nile
Prints and jewlery crafted in Southern California.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned

Gretchen Leggitt
Painter, muralist, adventurer, and Kona Bikes ambassador inspired by her adopted home in the Pacific Northwest.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned



Eighth Generation
Native owned marketplace specializing in wool blankets and other homegoods made with traditional designs.
Distinctions: Indigenous-Owned, Ethical

Stasher Bags
Rusable, resealable storage bags made from silicone that you can cook in, store, and freeze. Certified B Corp and member of 1% For The Planet.
Distinctions: Eco, Woman-Owned

Fei Goods
Handmade goods for the home.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned

Earth and Friends
Reusable, zero-waste products for everyday life.
Distinctions: Eco

Shop Isiko
Online shop with artisan made bags, ceramics and jewlery.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned, Ethical, Donation Program

Quw’utsun’ Made
Apothecary inspired by ancestral knowledge and Northwest native plants, created to preserve the traditional knowledge of the Coast Salish Nation for the next generation.
Distinctions: Indigenous-Owned, Woman-Owned

Bee’s Wrap
Natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.
Distinctions: Eco, Purpose Driven

Dan’s Soap
Natural Laundry Soap made in Cleveland, Ohio from biodegradable ingredients in zero waste packaging.
Distinctions: Eco

Plastic free laundry pods delivered in eco-responsible packaging via free carbon neutral shipping.
Distinctions: Eco, Purpose Driven

Kyra’s Shea Medleys
Natural hand-whipped shea butter creams for both hair care and skin care. Certified vegan, cruelty-free.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, POC-Owned, Donation Program

Bite Toothpaste
Bamboo toothbrushes and zero waste toothpaste tablets sent in refillable glass containers that look great.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco

Plaine Products
Refillable and plastic free hair and skin products. Dedicated to the end of single use plastics.
Distinctions: Woman-Owned, Eco

"Take this ritual society has pushed upon us and use it for good."

Donation as Gift Ideas

American Alpine Club Membership

Sierra Club Adopt A Species

Protect Our Winters Gear

National Parks Pass

World Widlife Fund Adopt a Species

Australian Indigenous People's Support

Refugee Welcome Kit

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A Crowdsourced Guide to Socially Responsible Gift Giving

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