What started as an experiment in connecting sport and mindfulness has quietly grown into one of the more exciting performance brands in the outdoors-adjacent space today.

Best known for its ultralight eyewear designed and engineered specifically for running, District Vision continues to evolve, recently introducing a range of new products that extend beyond eyewear, for actives outside of running. This is all part of the plan. After all, it was never exclusively about running, but the mindfulness and connectivity one may achieve—or at least pursue—while running. Or doing any range of other natural activities that tend to focus the body and mind in a way that’s too easy to be removed from in daily life.

This week sees the release of the special edition Keiichi DVSR002 Mirror, the New York City-based brand’s first co-branded product with luxe Parisian label Satisfy Running, perhaps the most disruptive presence in running at the moment. Weighing just 22g (that's far less than an ounce, folks) and made by hand in Japan, the sport-specific sunglasses seem to embody both brands’ specific vision, unrivaled attention to detail, appreciate of craftsmanship, and demand for the best materials.

The semi-translucent, sandblasted nylon frames are injected with titanium for durability and see a propriety tortoise leaf pattern applied by hand, which renders each frame unique in color. The high-contrast, shatterproof lens is available in a limited-edition silver-coated mirror finish for superior light filtration and uncompromising eye protection, delivering 100% UVA/B protection while transmitting 9.7% of blue light.

District Vision and Satisfy together, or apart, may not speak to everyone, but for those of us that get it, it doesn’t get much better.