Dangle Supply Introduces 420ml Titanium Camp Mug

The internationally recognized leader in titanium water pipes and other high design smokeables steps into the general outdoor space in style

Dangle Supply Introduces 420ml Titanium Camp Mug


Graham Hiemstra


Dangle Supply

Field Mag's benevolent overlord, formerly of the PNW and now residing in NYC. We apologize in advance for his many mispellings.

What can we say, we love a camp cup. Now make it titanium, and you've got our full attention. Add in the a little design magic by Montana-based Dangle Supply, and boy oh boy we'll take two. Such is the case with the all new Ti Cup, a hyper lightweight, multi-purpose vessel for all outdoor pursuits.

Astute eyes will recognize Dangle from the Field Mag x Dangle Adventure Bong, our very first—and tremendously well received—product collaboration from earlier this summer. The mysterious water pipe makers are well known for making the most dank devices for elevating outdoor experiences, and the new single-wall titanium Ti Cup is no different.



A single, solid handle (inspired by the lines on the original DangleBong, natch) that remains cool even when on a heat source replaces traditional folding wires that lose tension over time, ensuring maximum grab-ability in all circumstances. Use your Ti Cup to boil water over an open flame, to house oats, muesli, or other GORP varietals, or as a simple, yet beautiful objet d'art to elevate the design vibes in your own humble home.

At $49.69, the Dangle Supply Ti Cup makes a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast, regardless of attitude toward the devil’s lettuce.


Published 12-01-2020