From the parks of Eugene, Oregon to the waterways of Arizona and lakes of Michigan, Chaco has always been both a brand synonymous with experiencing the outdoors, and contemporary hippie culture. If you pay attention, it’s always been something eh brand has embraced—the custom sandal program has long offered dancing bear webbing. Now, it’s turning it up, with a new collection of Grateful Dead sandals.

Available in both Z/1 and Z/2 sandal styles for men and women, the Grateful Dead collection featuring iconic symbols and designs inspired by the legendary jam band—from the Steal Your Face and dancing skeletons graphics to tie die designs. The later of which is printed directly onto the footbed, making for a category first. Pretty wild technology if you ask us.

“Both Chaco and Deadhead fans have been asking for more since we dropped our first collection of Grateful Dead sandals for the band’s 50th anniversary in 2015,” said Josh Weichhand, Creative Director of Chaco. And here you go.

So, dust off your drug drug, unpack your slack line, strap on your Chacos and get ready for a good time.