The 8 Best Recovery Slides for Men & Women

Comfort is king with these design-driven slides made specifically to stimulate muscle recovery and thwart fatigue after a hard day on your feet

The 8 Best Recovery Slides for Men & Women


Bob Myaing

Bob Myaing is a Philadelphia-based mountain biker, climber, and writer with an unhealthy gear obsession.

We outdoorists pour untold hours and amounts of energy into finding the perfect fitting footwear required to address each and every one of our ever expanding list of hobbies, be it hiking, running, climbing, cycling, and so on. But when the day’s over, most give little thought to what our foot slides into next–so long as it’s cozy.

In recent years that's begun to change, thanks to the advent of recovery footwear, designed specifically for athletes and those on their feet all day to stimulate muscle recovery and thwart fatigue. The love you show your feet will no doubt be repaid tenfold the next day as you put them through the wringer once again.

To keep your dogs from barking, treat them feet right and consider a pair of recovery slides made with multiple layers of cushioning foam, plush materials, and ideally, a heavy dose of style. Whether worn on the drive home after a long day of skiing or hiking, or simply with a thick pair of socks on a bodega run, the following top eight picks for best recovery slides for men and women will provide your feet with the support and comfort they deserve.

[Ed Note: If you’re just trying to keep your feet cozy and warm, check out our top picks for the best aprés slippers.]


HOKA ONE ONE ORA Recovery Slides

Sitting atop the throne of cush is HOKA ONE ONE (pronounced oh-nay oh-nay, sorry). It comes as no surprise that their ORA Recovery Slides are graced with the same tall and supple midsoles that are found on footwear across their product catalog, though more lightweight and made specifically for post-run recovery. The smart grooves of the footbed are especially nice for keeping traction when worn with socks.
Women's Option: YES.
Price: $50 SHOP NOW


Keen Yogui

There’s no shortage of cheap foam sandal options out there, but few turn heads quite like the Keen Yogui, a perennial favorite in Japan. Cranking up the dial on both style and comfort, this option features an injection molded EVA foam upper (with protected toe) and rubber outsole that’s rumored to be considerably more durable than the lightweight sandal named after a large semiaquatic reptile.
Women's Option: YES.
Price: $50 SHOP NOW


Superfeet ME3D Aftersport Slide

Serious athletes (and those serious about comfort over aesthetics) find a fully custom option by the insole experts at Superfeet in the ME3D Aftersport Slide. A nationwide network of specialty retailers take detailed measurements in person, then a few weeks later your slide is mailed directly to you from the company’s domestic production facility. While this price point may feel out of reach for many, it’s hard to beat a footbed built from the ground up to suit your personal biometrics.
Women's Option: YES
Price: $100 SHOP NOW


Chaco Chillos Slide

Chaco has been churning out adventure-ready footwear for years. The Classic Z Sandal is a dirtbag staple. The all-new Chillos Slide is soon to be too. Lined with Chaco’s own Luvseat footbed made from EVA foam and styled with the company’s signature Z strap—that can be adjusted to the wearer’s liking—and available in a range of colors, these minimalist slides are hard to beat for versatility and style.
Women's Option: YES
Price: $50 SHOP NOW


Deckers Lab KO-Z Slide

The KO-Z Slide is the flagship slider from Deckers Lab, an experimental footwear company created by former Salomon CEO and HOKA ONE ONE founder, Jean-Luc Diard. Layers of memory foam, soft leather, and cozy wool orchestrate a highly supportive slide that’s also wildly luxurious.
Women's Option: YES
Price: $130 SHOP NOW


PR Soles Recovery Slide

The PR Soles line from running soft goods company Gone For A Run utilizes their proprietary ACUPOINT footbed reminiscent of our favorite OG eggshell sleeping pads. The footbed of the adjustable slide is said to massage the foot during wear, and in turn improve circulation, which in turn refreshes both the legs and feet.
Women's Option: YES
Price: $35 SHOP NOW


Nike Offline

Though not technically a slide, this versatile, closed-toe option from the big check brand addresses streetwear heads and those hard on their feet alike with a sneaker-mule hybrid. Two sets of insoles are provided, each offering varying amounts of massaging nubs and allowing the wearer to customize their comfort from day-to-day.
Women's Option: NO
Price: $120 SHOP NOW


Kane Revive

Also not a slide, is the Revive. But boy is it worth a spotlight nonetheless. Live now on Kickstarter, the initial offering from sustainable newcomers Kane Footwear is an aerated shoe made from a combination of renewable materials—including sugarcane, a low-carbon renewable biofuel processed near where it’s harvested in Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Sul region—created by an untold footwear designer formerly of Crocs, Under Armour, and Nike. Stand by for more to come on this one.
Women's Option: UNISEX
Price: $55 COMING SOON

Published 01-21-2021