Some people see a bicycle as a toy, and others a tool. The first group tends to gawk at a price tag, while the latter understands you get what you pay for. Would you skimp on the hammer that you intend to build a home with? No. If you’re smart, you’d buy the best damn hammer available as to never have to make the same purchase again. So, why approach a bicycle any differently?

Vermont’s Budnitz Bicycles is a brand for people who understand that tools can be just as fun as toys. And for people who care about design in all aspects of their life. The brand’s incredibly attractive bicycles are made of the highest quality components, by hand, to last a lifetime. Literally. And equally importantly, they’re designed to make riding bikes fun, first and foremost.

And now Budnitz makes an electric bicycle, billed as the world’s lightest. Pass everyone on uphills with minimal effort and maintain a crushing speed of up to 15mph for up to 100 miles. And the best part is, all the messy bits—motor, wires, etc—are hidden in the sleek rear hub. Or, in the case of the greasy chain, replaced entirely (shout out the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system). Not bad.