As spring approaches we can’t help get excited for weekend camping, backyard beers, afternoons in the park, and hell, even beach days if we’re being honest. But as it goes in spring, Mother Nature and her weather don’t always share our enthusiasm for getting outside. To save you from muddy butts and soggy blankets this spring, Portland-based outdoor blanket originator Rumpl has released the aptly named Ground Cover.

The lightly insulated, waterproof nylon backed blanket is ideal for all activities listed above, and then some. With a soft, water-repellent top, corner grommets for easy staking and a built in zippered compartment for quick pack-and-carry storage, the sturdy blanket-that’s-not-really-a-blanket is a clever design we’re backing.

Plus it comes in three colorways with a mellow topographic top pattern, and is easily cleaned so even your pooch can use it. File Under: one of those essential items you didn’t know you needed but you most definitly do (if you like chilling outdoors).