Even though a good portion of the U.S. saw snow over the weekend, we can't help but start planning for late winter/early spring adventures. To help get outfitted for the upcoming car camping season—with gear that's similarly applicable in the city in the meantime too—we've updated the Field Mag curatd Huckberry shop with a dozen+ pieces of design-minded gear you're gonna wanna browse. See below for 9 highlights especially selected for the car camping season to come.

Tepui Hybox Rooftop Tent

This hard top rooftop tent ($2600), with 23 cubic feet of storage space, gives a whole new meaning to car camping. Plus, the Santa Cruz-based brand was recently acquired by Thule, so you now the quality and customer service are only going to improve moving forward.

Rumpl Many Moons Camping Blanket

One evening around the campfire with the added comfort of an insulated, weather-resistant Rumpl blanket ($96) and you'll never camp without one again. Heck, we keep one in the back of the Jeep at all times.

Woolrich Made in USA Wool Blanket

A Huckberry exclusive made of a soft blend of recycled and new wool ($93), made on the same looms that made blankets to keep civil war soldiers warm.

Blundstone Original 500 Boots

It's time to jump on the Blunny Bandwagon. Seriously. There is no better boot ($175) for both kicking around camp and post-any-activity.

Stanley Classic 8oz Flask

A clever flask ($19) in a classic design—the perfect tool for making even the most boring camp chores a bit more fun.

Barebones Pulaski Axe

A badass axe ($135) with a durable and extra-strong steel core, perfect for use around camp and at home. Just make sure you finish up all axe-related chores before dipping into the whiskey, please.

Filson Tin Cloth Field Duffel

Cus you're gonna need a way to haul all your gear. Whether used for carrying camp equipment or as a carryon on your next flight, this timeless Tin Cloth Duffel ($150) is a sure bet. You can trust Filson to get the job done, no fuss, no frills. Just quality.

Topo Designs Klettersack Backpack

We're long time fans of Topo Designs. Good people, good design, good products you can trust. Plus, you're gonna need a day pack ($89) for daytime exploring. Might as well opt for a durable pack that's as functional as it iss cool looking.

Glerups Wool Slippers with Rubbe Camp Sole

Yes Glerups makes great house slippers. With the release of these new rubber "camp sole" options, they now make really great camp shoes ($109) too.