In recent years we've really come to value a good shirt jacket, or, as Best Made Co. calls it, a jacket shirt. The adaptable design is generally cut a bit bigger in the shoulders and neck to allow for layering and freedom of movement, making it ideal as a third layer to add on top of an already comfy flannel and under a more substantial piece, like a rain coat, when the weather really turns. Best Made's Heavy Wool Jacket Shirt delivers all of the above, with the clean and classic styling we've all come to expect from the NYC-based outfitter.

Made in limited quantities of (you guessed it) heavy lofted wool, the sturdy shirt jacket features thin-wale corduroy patches that run from cuff to elbow, two flap breast pockets, and double-needle stitching to ensure it lasts for decades to come. Though the price tag may seem a bit ambitious, remember the versatility of the design, and simply consider it an investment—there's no better way to convince yourself to spend too much a basic piece than the old "it's an investment" argument. Classic.

Find the handmade Heavy Wool Jacket Shirt from Best Made Co. for $248.