The 9 Best Seaside Cabins on Airbnb Near Portland, Maine

A selection of the most idyllic spots to stay along the coast of The Pine Tree State—lobsters be warned

The 9 Best Seaside Cabins on Airbnb Near Portland, Maine


Katherine Oakes Englishman

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With a culture rich in the outdoor lifestyle, Maine has plenty to offer for those seeking some ~nature time~, regardless of season. The state is home to over 3,000 miles of coastline and islands—many of which you can stay and play on. Sure, the water is cold, but the cabins are aesthetically-pleasing, the food is farm fresh, and the living is easy. What's not to love?

If you’re looking for a refreshing weekend by the sea, grab your Bean boots and check out our list of best cabin rentals along the coast of Maine.

Machiasport,ME — Prowhouse

Vibe: Secret Beach on the Maine Coast

Starting off strong is the cliff-perched Prowhouse cabin, seated some 130 feet above the Atlantic. Its moniker and angular form are derived from the prow of a boat, both of which were brought to life by the local poet and sea captain, Phillip Rose. Inside, it’s decked out with vintage mid-century pieces and a view of the craggy coast. Nearby trails and one of the most epic private decks make this rental one worth planning well ahead for.

Rate: $249/night

Camden,ME — Dock House

Vibe: Vintage Nautical

If an oceanfront cabin with a lobster boat lounge isn’t in your search results then you’re doing it wrong. Roughly 90 minutes north of Acadia National Park, the Dock House is small and sun-drenched, complete with a private beach. Inside, a blend of nautical and Mid-Century decor gives off just the right kind of Gilligan’s Island vibes. We’ll meet you in the lounge for scotch and games of chance at 8.

Rate: $143/night

Oak Island,ME — Rustic Cabin

Vibe: Rustic and Remote

Sometimes you just need space—or your own private island off the coast of Downeast Maine. Take the boat out with the rising tide to Oak Island’s rustic lodging, drop anchor, and bring linens. The main cabin sleeps four and offers panoramic views of the North Atlantic, while a second cabin— dubbed “the Love Shack” and made from found driftwood—offers additional sleeping quarters. Plenty of lawn space for tents makes this unique rental one worth bringing the whole fam to.

Rate: $350/night

Cushing,Maine — Glass House

Vibe: Inside-Out Terrarium

Designed by Toshiko Mori, a reputable NYC-based architect, The Glass House’s angular silhouette and sleek floor-to-ceiling windows make for a modern hideaway on Muscongus Bay, just an hour or so from Portland. Save for the cherry-red seating, the interior is clean and bright, with the undeniable feeling of being immersed in nature.

Rate: $266/night

Georgetown,Maine — Treehouse

Vibe: Childhood Dreams Come True

Light and airy, this tasteful Treehouse is both fun and functional. On a modest island seven miles out to sea, two separate structures are connected by a rope-plank bridge and south-facing picture windows to bring the outside in. Live out your Lord of the Flies fantasies while enjoying the whitewashed shiplap walls and fresh seafood.

Rate: $199/night (4-night min)

Cape Neddick,Maine — Bracy House

Vibe: New England Contemporary

A wooded enclave on the coast blends classic New England design with modern Scandinavian style. A stark interior with geo-patterned hardwood floors and colorful details elegently contrasts the moody exterior with a wraparound deck. Inside a photo of the iconic “Flower Cottages” in Provincetown reminds of the region's notable nautical design vibe.

Rate: $195/night

Harpswell,Maine — Classic Cottage

Vibe: Serene Seaside Escape

From elevated ceilings to the wraparound deck and uninterrupted ocean views, this earthy cabin puts the emphasis on going back to nature. Traditional design elements like beadboard paneling and a stone fireplace mix with modern touches for a soothing ambiance. Cable knit sweaters are encouraged, but not required.

Rate: $229/night

Harpswell, Maine — Scandinavian Cottage

Vibe: Modern Minimalist

Thanks to a sleek and clean design by coveted Portland designers, Barrett Made, this modern cabin blends into the landscape. Natural light floods in through the floor-to-ceiling windows and doors via a cantilevered deck. Kick back—all the way back—as you relax on your private beach and pier. It doesn't get much better than this.
(Ed Note: Professional images coming soon, as the land arond this new build needs time to heal.)

Rate: $199/night

Phippsburg,Maine — Studio-Cottage

Vibe: Small yet Mighty

This modest Mid-Coast cabin with a open floor plan—that's as spacious as a studio can be—vaulted ceiling, and rustic wooden beams is a one-room oasis. While the Vespa paintings wouldn’t be our first choice for this waterfront space, there’s plenty of modern decor and, of course, easy access to the harbor to focus on instead.

Rate: $130/night

Published 07-07-2020