Iceland is a land of extremes. The landscape is so barren it feels like the moon. Mountains seem to grow straight out of the sea, and fjords give way to lava fields stretching as far as the eye can see. In urban areas, locals paint their homes bright colors as a way to bring life to the dark, dark winters (and perhaps help them find their way home after a few too many brennivín shots). And in recent years design has become an official focus for the country, with the yearly Design March festival taking place in Reykjavik at the now iconic Harpa concert hall, designed in part by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

Though the cultural hub of Iceland, Reykjavik isn't the only place you'll find great design—great, modern architecture peppers the landscape, often sprouting up alongside the country's many natural hot springs. Take for example, this modern studio loft apartment (which, amazingly enough, is currently on Airbnb) located just outside the country's second largest city of Akureyri.

Home to a modest 18,000 residents, Akureyri is often called the capital of northern Iceland. And you'll be able to spot each and every one of them from the sun deck of this stark structure perched high above the city. Comprised of three equal parts—each a self contained studio apartment—the wood and concrete building offers just the bare necessities inside, while offering access to a wide range of activities outside.

Rather than go on and sound like a timeshare brochure or Airbnb advert, we'll let you scroll through the "things to do" and has and has-not lists yourself. Oh yeah, and it's only $90 a night.