Gnu has been building some of the world’s highest quality snowboards next to Canada in the woods of Washington State for nearly 30 years. A couple hundred miles south in Portland, Airblaster has kept the “sport” wild and wacky with innovative gear (shout out the original leg bag) and posi vibes for about half that. Both brands know well the most memorable days come from chasing friends, not trophies. The new Gnu x Airblaster collaboration) encapsulates this fun first spirit.

Nine pieces make up the sizable collection, complete with a directional all-terrain snowboard designed to maximize fun around the resort, and a full kit of softgoods from Airblaster, including a Ninja Suit base layer and Freedom Suit onesie in both men and women-specific styles. Every piece oozes with vibrant 80s and 90s style, and modern functionality, from fully-taped seams and articulated cuts to double-knee canvas panels for extra style and nostalgia.

While we’re obviously drawn to the apparel—that bright teal is hard to ignore—it’s the Super Progressive Air Machine we’re most excited about. The practical, go-anywhere directional design is built for riding everything your local ski hill and preferred backcountry zone have to offer, with serious carving capabilities and a unique hybrid shape for floating in deep stuff.

Last winter we got on the Greenest Snowboard Ever Made from Gnu’s sister company Lib Tech, and was blown away. And knowing Mervin Mfg, we can all but guarantee this collab shred sled will be every bit as fun.

If it’s good enough for Temple Cummins, it’s good enough for you.