It seems like baselayers have had a revolution of sorts in the past decade or so. What was once a cotton afterthought, baselayers have been given fresh considered by many brands in recent years, with merino wool being exalted as the ultimate material of choice. And rightly so, merino is soft to the touch, naturally odor resistant, moisture wicking and extremely insulating. While many brands are just now jumping on the "new and improved" baselayer train, Airblaster has long led the way with their unisex Ninja Suit, a hooded union suit originally designed for snowboarding that's since been adopted by enthusiasts of being warm and cozy in countless other outdoor spaces. We recently got our hands on the new Woolverino Ninja Suit and after a week straight of testing we can't sing the praise loud enough.

The hooded onesie challenges the role of a baselayer. It's no longer just for single activities, to be hidden in a drawer until needed again. If you're open to it, the Ninja Suit can quickly become a second skin of sorts, only being removed to shower. Ours went on on day 1 of a recent snowboard trip, prior to heading to the hill. And it didn't officially come off until four days later. It makes everything better, seriously. chopping wood? Yep. Taking a walk on a cold winter morning? Yep. Scraping the ice off the windshield? Yep. Making a fire in the fireplace and then reading a book by it? Oh you betcha. And thanks to the 350 degree waist zipper, you'll even be warm and cozy when most exposed. Needless to say, we bonded with our Ninja Suit. And tbh, we'd bet you will too.

Btw, it may be worth mentioning that while we've been supporters of Airblaster since Travis Parker and crew hocked leg bags in a Mt. Hood parking lot 15 or so years ago, we were not paid or anything of the sort for this review. We are just super psyched on the goofy Ninja Suit, and happy to finally have had the chance to try one out after years of curiosity. But you should definitely still go buy one.