A chair is the one thing I always forget to bring when I go camping. Even if I've never before seen the destination campsite, I guess I just always assume there will be some great big log right next to the fire pit just waiting for me. And like clockwork, nearly every time I'm wrong, and end up sitting on a rock and telling everyone how comfy and natural the rock is, while they sit high and mighty in their chairs. The moral of the story is, don't disregard a solid camp chair. To help you avoid feeling like a chair-less dummy the next time you head outdoor camping, I want to introduce you to this very tite Folding Stool from Japanese outdoor outfitter Adirondack.

Made of lightweight anodized aluminum with a nylon seat made of vintage British camoflague nylon (side note: Best Made makes a really nice waxed canvas version, but it's also made of steel and nearly twice the weight). The simple folding design allows the seat to be broken down into a highly packable size—roughly 8" x 10"—making it easy to stow in a pack or toss in the trunk. Plus, thanks to the highly-considered materials, the Adirondack Folding Stool won't deteriorate significantly if left in the elements from time to time.

So remember kids, just because you're going outside doesn’t mean you have to sit on a rock or a log. Be smart and bring a seat.