Taylor Stitch Introduces The Hiker and Trench Boot

Hardwearing weatherproof suede, a rebuildable Vibram sole, and Goodyear Storm Welt. Yes pls

When it comes to footwear there’s two types in our minds: Vans and Boots. For most of life’s daily duties, an Old Skool or Sk8-Hi will do just fine. For getting outside, looking sharp, shoveling snow, etc, a sturdy pair of well-made boots is the better option. We’ve tested everything from the latest Danner design to Hoka hikers that look straight out of the future, and the common factor is a balance of design, craftsmanship, and functionality. These two new boots latest from Taylor Stitch fall firmly among the ranks.

The Trench Boot is as clean as can be—like a classic Indy Boot, but without the toe top stitching, with a reinforced heel, and at half the price. It’s elegant enough for the finest holiday function, but built rugged with a weatherproofed suede, beefy Vibram sole, and a Goodyear Storm Welt, just in case you want to take ‘em off road. We’ll take a size 10.5. Thanks.

While the Trench is an instant classic, the Hiker may need to work a bit harder, thanks to an unorthodox low cut. But hey, no one worth listening to ever said conformity was the right route, so we’ll give these “boots” a platform and let you decide their lasting power.

Height aside, the vibe is all right, and the red accent is perfect. Featuring the same weatherproof suede, a gussied tongue to keep water and debris out, and similarly constructed with a re-buildable Goodyear Storm Welt and Vibram sole, these hikers are quite literally made to last as long as you do.

Can't beat quality and good looks together.

The Trench and Hiker sell for $348 and $298, respectively

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