Architectural Inspo: Case Inlet Retreat

A contemporary PNW cabin designed to invite the outdoors in

As our Architectural Inspiration series continues to skew contemporary, we’ve found another stunning instance of bold design being used to bring the outdoors in. This small yet pronounced structure relies heavily on concrete, wood, and glass to create a warm second home nestled into a forested slope overlooking the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

Designed by Seattle-based design firm mwworks, Case Inlet Retreat is defined by its well-considered use of space and its relation to the outdoors—the living and dining area exist in a cantilevered section that seems to jut out towards the water below; a wood deck starts in the kitchen and extends through large sliding glass doors into a neighboring meadow; the master bath opens entirely to nature, allowing for a feeling of showering outdoors. And of course, as any sane person would want, the flat concrete roof acts as a second platform deck.

When surrounded by such immense beauty, the only option that makes any sense is to embrace it, and welcome it in, as they did well to do here.

visit mwworks for more imagery and details on the Case Inlet Retreat project

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