Architectural Inspo: Landmark Shelter System, Denmark

A closer look at the 47 wood shelters that pepper 17 sites along the Baltic coast

Denmark's South Fyn Archipelago is an area of deep beauty, with rolling coastlines and largely untouched wilderness jetting into the Baltic Sea. The area is a haven for bird watchers, outdoor enthusiasts and general wanderers looking for a bit of respite from the city. To offer everyone inclined to visit a unique place to rest for an afternoon or overnight, LUMO Architects designed a series of prefabricated, asymmetrical shelters to be open to the public all hours of the day, every day of the year. In total 47 independent shelters are spread between 17 different sites throughout the archipelago.

With five different designs unified by material and theme, and defined by use, the Blue Landmark shelters function as a physical invitation to strengthen tourism and environmental awareness in the area. Some sleep up to nine people, while others are meant to offer only temporary reprieve. Most come with a designated fire pit to encourage responsible burning practices. And all feature circular port holes to watch the waves roll in from and gaze at the night's sky through.

images courtesy of LUMO Architects. See more wanderlust inspiring architecture in Hide and Seek, published by Gestalten

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