Outdoors Meets Streetwear With Yogi & Hikerdelic Collab Chukka Boot

Late 80's Acid House meets Portuguese-made suede in new limited-edition urban trail shoe for the urban inclined

Outdoors Meets Streetwear With Yogi & Hikerdelic Collab Chukka Boot


Graham Bric



Graham Bric is a Bay Area-based running enthusiast and recovering sneakerhead who moonlights as a bad writer and even worse film photographer.

There are few things more wholesome, enjoyable, and vibed the hell out than eating some mushrooms and hitting the trail with the homies. However, even for the heavily initiated, the ascension can be daunting, and you may find yourself wishing you had a guide. Enter the Yogi x Hikerdelic Eric Chukka Boot, an insanely cracking and esoteric new collaboration lead by “peak to precinct” purveyor of outdoor lifestyle apparel Hikerdelic.

Yogi x Hikerdelic Chukka Boot, Turmeric
Yogi x Hikerdelic Chukka Boot, Dark Olive

Out today, the limited-edition collab brings together two brands that proudly effuse the aesthetic ethos of the great outdoors with the ability to stunt in the streets of whatever metropolis you are likely currently trying to flee (friendly reminder to do so while wearing a god damn mask).

Leaning heavily on Yogi’s proud tradition of sustainably-developed premium materials and clean lines, while sprinkling in some illicit mischief from Hikerdelics roots in raving and 1980s Acid House, this casual Chukka is equally fit for mellow trail romps as dressed up trips to the office (should that ever be a thing again).


To talk particulars, the upper is an unlined Suede Moc Chukka featuring leather laces riding clean on a thicc and tasty crepe sole (they not just for brunch menus anymore, mon frere). Embossed on the heel is Eric, the boot’s namesake, a magical mushroom man to make sure you always have somebody to watch your back. And like all Yogi footwear, this keen iteration is handmade in Portugal at a third generation family-owned specialist moccasin factory. Now dawg, if all that doesn’t make you randy I’m not sure what kind of footwear specs will.


This is probably the appropriate time to mention that them thangs come in three particularly flambé colorways—Moss, Turmeric, and Dark Olive. The prudent and responsible choice here would be to opt for the Moss. It’s classic and should age with beauty and grace. However, if you’re feeling nasty, go ahead and smash that cop button on the Turmeric, baby! They are flagrant and perfect, and will look absolutely insane when you are done mobbing them through the trails.


Simply put, the Yogi x Hikerdelic Eric Chukka Boot is one of the very few good things to happen this year. Now, buy the ticket and take the ride, and let the Eric be your guide.


Published 07-16-2020