When this little thing we call TF launched last December we kicked off with a series of interviews with a few key outdoor industry insiders who get it (read: friends unlucky enough to pick up our phone call). Not everyone gets whats going on these days—this shift in outdoor culture from intense and extreme to accessible and inviting—but Jedd and Mark, the guys behind Topo Designs, sure do. And they also love to collaborate. The latest collab to launch from their Colorado camp comes from long time partners Woolrich, operator of the nation’s oldest continually running woolen mill. The capsule collection of made in the USA bags from Topo Designs x Woolrich re-imagines four modern bag designs with vintage-styled wool.

Included in the collection is the Klettersack, Span Daypack, Cinch Tote, and Dopp Kit. And while Topo is best known for their packs—and expanding men’s and women’s apparel lines—the latter two are of most interest to us at this moment. The Cinch Tote is ideal for around town commuting, grocery shopping, playing in the park or on the beach, etc, and features four deep exterior pockets for quick access to keys, magazines, water bottle, what have you. We haven’t spent much time with this newish design, but we look forward to doing so down the line.

The Dopp Kit on the other hand has long been in our gear stash. Though intended to be used as a carryall for toiletries, we rely on it as an organizer when traveling, stashing spare cords, chargers, CF cards, and other such tech accessories. Save yourself the aggravation not being able to find that extra battery or lens when you need it most, and invest in this roomy dopp kit. Trust.

For more background on the Colorado-based brand, read out Q&A with Topo Designs co-founder Jedd Rose