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That's a good question. The Field could be described as a new modern outdoor lifestyle publication that delivers a careful selection of content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But putting labels on things is limiting and lame, so let’s not do that. Instead, let’s call it an editorial experiment and creative outlet for a couple handfuls of established and emerging writers, photographers, artists and all-around creative types who share a common interest in design and the outdoors. For a more thorough explanation of just what this little corner of the internet is, please keep reading.


For decades the outdoor industry has championed the most extreme and intimidating aspects of outdoor activities, which in turn has undoubtedly kept many timid city dwellers from discovering a love for nature. Most major outdoor brands have built their legacy on supplying gear for such expert-only environments—and for good reason. Though save for a select few, most of us nowadays are not interacting with the outdoors in such an aggressive way. High alpine mountaineering is awesome, without a doubt, but so is sharing a few cold ones around a campfire with close friends, and riding a bike around town simply for the fun of it.



Enter The Field. Our goal is to cater to the inner outdoor enthusiast in all of us. This is a place for both lifelong outdoorsmen and women and casual weekend warriors. You don’t need to have a fourteener under your belt to enter—nor do you really even need to know what a fourteener is—just an understanding of the natural need to simply be outside and in nature from time to time. A preference for highly considered, well-designed objects and a thirst for adventure is a plus.

Every other weekday our growing team of experienced journalists, talented photographers and professional athletes will deliver a range of articles, gear reviews, photo essays and op-eds to inform and inspire. We’ll keep tabs on the latest and greatest from the brands who understand and individuals that represent a more realistic, approachable relationship with the outdoors. And for those just looking for some pretty pictures to transport them away from their desks for a few minutes, we have that too.

Welcome to The Field. We hope you like it.

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