As the story goes, Trevor Gordon and his wife purchased a 35’ Catalina sailboat. His pal and #vanlife celebrity Foster Huntington caught wind and made plans to literally catch some wind (lol get it?) and sail south to Baja for some surfing. So they did that. Two other buddies joined (Erin Feinblatt and Landon Smith), some inspiration was found from news that water was found on mars (and a David Bowie song), and with over a month worth of avos, aqua, and tecate, the crew set coordinates for the red planet (Central Baja, Mexico). General hilarity ensues.

Waves on Mars?? is the end result, directed by Foster, and filmed by Foster and Erin. Catching waves in straw hats, riding planks of found wood and Trevor’s experimental, asymmetrical, finless surf boards, spear fishing and even some ripping knee boarding. Lot's to see here.