Remember Aqua Socks? You know, those slip-on mutant shoes made of heavy rubber and wafer-thin, neon-colored mesh, mostly found in bargain bins of chain sporting goods stores in the 80s and 90s. As a kid in Oregon, Aqua Socks were the best—required footwear when playing in mountain creeks or braving near-freezing ocean temps. But boy were they hideous. In the time since the technology behind water-specific shoes has evolved significantly, with brands like VIVOBAREFOOT introducing plant-based materials and superior durability… though not much has changed in the looks department. Regardless, we’re psyched on the new collaboration between VIVOBAREFOOT and British cold water surf brand Finisterre.

The three piece, limited-edition collection takes aim at water-focused adventure with a hyper minimal sandal, a so-ugly-it’s-kinda-cool shoe, and a classic, utilitarian dry bag backpack. We’re too prideful to fully back the barefoot sandal vibe, so we’ll focus on the latter of the two instead.

The Ultra Bloom shoe is a lightweight, breathable closed-toe style shoe with puncture-resistant sole and a wild geodesic designed upper. More importantly, it’s the first ever shoe made using BLOOM foam—a sustainable material made from algae harvested from freshwater lakes—rather than petrochemical EVA foam. As it’s meant to mirror the shape of the wearer’s foot, it’s kindly available in both women and men’s specific lasts.

The Waterproof Rucksack needs little explanation. It’s a super simple, 35L rolltop dry bag for keeping wet gear contained or dry gear dry. Use it for canoe camping, bike riding, paddle boarding—whatever. Either way, you’ll look good doing it.