Designed specifically to encourage a reconnection with the wilderness, Vipp Shelter is a modest, modern hotel located off the grid under two hours from Malmö, Sweden. As one would expect, a rich Scandinavian design ethos emirates from the conceptual structure, with each detail so highly considered that guests have little to think about outside of what lies outside the walls around them.

In other words, Vipp Shelter is the perfect peaceful retreat for city dwellers in need of nature.

The structure itself is strikingly simple. Constructed of a single prefab steel pod set atop low slung pillars—to elevate the structure and avoid disturbing the natural landscape—the minimalist structure is painted black inside and out, with raw concrete floors and stocked with only the bare essentials.

A wood burning fireplace warms the cold interior while floor to ceiling windows and sizable sliding glass doors literally invites the outdoors in.

The hotel can be booked for €600 a night with capacity for just two adults. A steep price perhaps, but given the opportunity value of truly unplugging and immersing oneself in nature these days, we’d argue it’s well worth it. Plus, how often do you get to sleep in a design masterpiece like this?