Vans Snowboarding Releases New 16mm Film Together Forever

14 minutes of artistic and action-packed snowboarding film in Japan, France, Russia, and Finland

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After the release of their first ever full-length snowboard video, LANDLINE, in 2018, Vans Snowboarding is back at it with the release of Together Forever, a new 14-minute film sure to get you looking up conditions at your local hill.

As with Landline, the latest release comes by way of director and videographer Tanner Pendleton, who again relies heavily on Kodak 16mm film to capture a unique spirit often missed by brand simply looking to hock a product. (Check out the full interview with Tanner on the making of LANDLINE, here.)

Filmed on location in Japan, France, Russia, and Finland, the easy flowing film features equal parts street footage and backcountry hammers, starring Jake Kuyzk, Pat Moore, Sam Taxwood, Danimals, Parker Szumowski, Arthur Longo and Blake Paul with a heavy, emotional final part by Dillon Ojo, who sadly passed away early last summer.

Together Forever feels like one that will stand for some time as both an artistic and well executed mini-video by a massive brand coming to terms with the end of the full-length-video era, and also a beautiful time capsule of the final days of a genuine talent lost too soon.


Published 01-15-2019