Ural 2016 Sahara 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle

The limited edition 2WD Sahara colorway is back, and more badboy than ever


TF Editors

There’s something about a sidecar motorcycle that people love. Maybe it’s the historic implications or the goofy proportions, who knows. What is for certain, Ural makes the baddest of the bunch. Their 2WD models are off-road machines, modernized from Soviet era workhorses with an engine eerily reminiscent of BMW (legend has it around 1945 a BMW factory landed on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain and from this, Ural was born). And now, their most popular color is back after a seven year hiatus.

The 2016 Sahara features an air cooled two cylinder, four stroke engine with 749cc of displacement—plenty of getup and go for both city and off-road riding. We’ve taken previous iterations on 4x4 trails in the PNW and out East, in mud, sand, and snow, and it seems the only thing that’ll stop one is too narrow of a path. And if you think you’ve met terrain you can’t handle, the Sahara offers the ability to engage the sidecar wheel too. Now, just try and do that with your CB550...

Published 07-29-2016

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