The Hill-Side is a menswear and general lifestyle brand and shop in Brooklyn. Kaptain Sunshine is a great Japanese menswear brand greatly inspired by American culture and vintage style. All of this comes together nicely in the new collaboration shoe, the Bridge Mid. Inspired by rare US Military issue footwear from the early 1970s originally intended for non-combat maneuvering in wet and humid conditions, the updated Bridge Mid is fit for urban and outdoor adventuring alike.

Made of three Japanese olive drab fabrics (back satin, ripstop, herringbone twill) with a natural rubber outsole and velcro-closure, the slip on shoe is entirely sewn and assembled by hand in Japan in one of the world’s oldest sneaker factories. As with any buzz-worthy collaboration, the list of otherwise unnoticeable details on the limited-edition shoe is long and distinguished, but we’ll let you dig in on your own if you’d like. The Kaptain ankle tag and molded Hill-Side heel plate logo are nice though.