Tex—lock Offers a Better Way to Secure Your Bike

This woven, textile-based lock is resistant to bolt cutters, fire, and even ice-spray


TF Editors

In the past decade this writer has had three bikes stolen and just as many saddles nicked too. It’s frustrating to say the least, but if parking your bike outside is a part of life, then sadly so is the threat of thieves. So when we hear of innovations in the area of bike protection, our ears perk up. Case in point: Tex—lock, an attractive, lightweight alternative to conventional chain locks.

We first saw Tex—lock at Eurobike trade show back in August, and are excited to see the German brand run by an all-female team of veteran industrial designers and engineers launch of Kickstarter this week. [UPDATE: Tex-Lock was successfully funded and is now avaialble for pre-order here]

The unique design uses a layered system of high-tech, woven materials that create a barrier that’s inherently difficult to break. The unique material design is extremely resilient to bolt cutters—more so than steel chainlink—fire and even ice-spray, as the lock’s fibers actually become increasingly resistant to cutting with a drop in temperature.

Though the team behind Tex—lock isn’t ready to claim it as significantly more secure than a heavy duty U-Lock—its tempered steel eyelets pose a potential weak point—the handsome rope lock is significantly lighter, quieter, and easier to shlep. For New Yorkers like us, each of these points add up in a big way.

Published 02-13-2017

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