A few months back before the changing season took full effect, Coal Headwear called on myself, Cale Zima, and some other fellow brand ambassadors to head south from Seattle to spend a few days in Bend, Oregon. The goal was to hike, swim, and shoot some looks for their SS16 catalog while doing so.

Smith Rock, the birthplace of US sport climbing, was to be our backdrop, and on day one we arrived right around dawn. Thick fog blanketed the area at first light, loosening as the morning drew on, revealing towering basalt walls and the ancient Crooked River. Watching the valley come to life was mind blowing.

The following day we headed to the local swimming hole. A short hike along the river’s edge—with the Talking Heads “Take Me To The River” acting as our soundtrack—revealed the river’s cathedral, a circular waterfall spreading across the valley floor into a deep pool of calm river water. Though it was hot out, we quickly discovered the water was anything but. A few beers later, with the photographers egging us on, we were jumping into the river one, two, and three at a time. With girls cheering from the top, beers being cracked, and everyone laughing, it was a true summer scene.

With the collection having launched this week, and snow falling throughout the Northern Hemisphere, it's really an escape to think back on such solid summer days.