Climbing for the first few times at Smith Rock in Central Oregon has probably been a little more spoiling than I realize. Before climbing I’d just head out on weekends to hike around and take pictures. But now, I don’t think i’ll see it the same.

Well before I had any idea you could climb at Smith, that it was a world famous destination for sport climbing, or even where to pin point it on a map of Oregon, I simple knew it as a beautiful place. I was about to begin interning for the company that I currently design for. Six years ago they flew me out from Milwaukee, WI for some training and on the way home I saw a postcard of Smith at PDX airport, so I bought it, only because to me it was such an insanely gorgeous photo of such a random geological feature. I kept it with me in a binder full of class notes I took to school everyday.

Occasionally I’d take the postcard out and draw it, or show it to my friends. At that point in my life I had no idea I’d end up moving to Oregon, much less get to see this place in person—and even less of an idea I’d get to climb there whenever I want. I didn’t even know what the fuck rock climbing was at that point, to be honest.

Life is nuts. I love mine and I love where I now live.

These photos are from my first few climbs out at Smith. Rock climbing is new to me, as is shooting a rangefinder, and film. So while these may not be the best photos in the world, they mean a lot to me and I’m proud of them.

Moral of the story—try new things!