Stoic Debuts Quality Camp Gear Collection with Accessible Prices

The Backcountry-owned outdoor brand debuts tents, sleeping bags, apparel, and more aimed at lowering the financial barrier of entry in the outdoors

Stoic Debuts Quality Camp Gear Collection with Accessible Prices


Gabi Stadulis



Gabi is a Portland, OR-based designer and whitewater woman from Richmond, VA.

Americans are as cooped up as ever. Thank you COVID-19, horrible decision making by "leadership," and all the other dozens of unprecedented events making headlines each hour. As a result, more people getting outside than ever. Yet barriers still exist. Outdoor gear maker Stoic's new camp collection aims to make camping more accessible with a range of quality apparel and equipment at lower price points.

Sure, we love a rare collaboration camp cot or titanium water bottle as much as the next gear nerd. But financial accessibility is important to consider when having conversations about inclusivity in the outdoors—a thing that needs to be happening daily in our industry.


Stoic, a brand owned and operated by e-retail powerhouse Backcountry, has been making outdoor apparel for some time now. The recent uptick in outdoor recreation (thanks, 2020!) fast-racked the release of their new camping gear collection, featuring everything from camp furniture and tents to sleep systems of multiple sizes and men's and women's lifestyle apparel.

Though we as an industry have a long way to go, and these colorways certainly leave much to be desired, the variation in products and approachable price tags within the collection (especially now that much is now 30-65% off) is worth a hat tip. Each piece is designed to be functional for beginner and seasoned outdoorists alike, too.

Notable products include the 4-person tent ($200) and double sleeping bag ($135) which are perfect for car camping couples. The 20 degree synthetic sleeping bag ($85) and inflatable sleeping pad ($55 on sale) together wind up less expensive than the average price of a sleeping bag alone from a comparable brand.

Other worthy shoutouts include the double bivy quilt for less than a hundred bucks and a packable side table for $20.

Everyone loves a deal.



Published 09-17-2020