Though fat bikes have largely been considered a winter weather toy for the majority of their short existence, many coastal cyclists have realized the high volume, low pressure tires work damn well in sand as well, allowing riders to travel long distances in deep sand—something we all know a regular bike cannot do. So, when Poler's Benji Wagner approached Specialized about doing a unique one-off collaboration for their new Laguna Beach, CA store, industrial designer and top dog of adventure at Specialized, Erik Nohlin, knew just where to start.

Using Specialized's Fatboy as the base, Nohlin and his intern Dylan Buffington worked nonstop for two weeks to design and fabricate in-house a completely badass, camp-ready trailer system complete with pop-up tables, a surf rack, integrated cook stove, and plenty of room for gear. A custom five color fade sunset-inspired paint job and modified Pizza Rack-accommodating fork round out the more notable bits. Dubbed the Surf Jammer, the adventure thirsty rig the ultimate surf setup for wandering lonely coastline where cars cannot.