Nothing says freedom, fun, and questionable decision making quite like the weekend. Or motorcycles. And since it’s Friday, we’ve decided to send the week off with a little two-wheeled adventure inspiration. But this street tracker from Shanghai Customs isn’t your average gas guzzling thumper, in fact it guzzles no gas. It’s electric, which explains the crazy cage surrounding the frame.

Most electric motorcycles out are ugly as hell, if we’re being honest. They seem to fall into one of two design categories—overbuilt street bike completely covered in fairings, or motorcycle disguised as bicycle. Neither appeal to us.

This minimalist build on the other hand gives off serious 1980s Yamaha SR vibes, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Plus its 72v 80amp Lithium-ion battery is capable of pushing out enough power to reach 140km/h (nearly 90mph) with a range of 250 kilometers.

But where’s the motor? The 500W beaut is amazingly hidden in the rear wheel hub, laced to an 18” steel rim. And if you were wondering, the tank serves to cover the top of the battery, and to distract from the hacking bit of mesh sheet metal below it.

Thanks to tightening restrictions on gas-powered engines, steep taxes on imported vehicles, and strict policies surrounding license plate distribution, electric motorcycles have taken off in China in recent years (electric bikes don’t need plates or require a license to ride), making the massive country the perfect place for innovation in the field.

As such, Shanghai Customs has put serious effort into developing the street tracker design, readying it for mass production. And with any luck, this retro-styled bike might just see international streets in the near future.