The Rokon Trail-Breaker has a long and complicated history. Originally designed in 1960 and manufactured in Vermont (now next door in New Hampshire), the bizarre two-wheel drive motorcycle is essentially the most bad boy off-road motorcycle available off the lot, so long as you're looking to go slow and steady in otherwise unnavigable terrain.

But what makes this thing so damn effective at going where no other bike could? Well, many things. For starters it features two motors—one for each wheel—that activity communicate to keep both wheels moving even when one needs to move at a different speed, say when you're in a tight turn. The front wheel can move faster than the back, but never vice versa, keeping you and the bike upright (though that's most on you). The two wheel drive system is also insanely powerful, capable of towing up to 2,000 lbs and climbing a 60% grade.

Ingeniously, the Trail-Breaker features hollow drum wheels that can hold up to 2.5 gallons of spare fuel or water, which is handy for both remote trips and as ballast. And, when empty, they'll keep your bike afloat. That's right. This beast floats.

And if that wasn't enough, Portland's See See Motorcycles went and modded the hell out of one of their own. Originally created in collaboration with fellow Portlanders Danner Boots, the PNW themed machine features various cosmetic and mechanical upgrades including the addition of a chainsaw mount and even cute evergreen on chrome paint job. The country orange accents are nice too.

For more info on See Sees, check out this nifty interview and shop visit by BikeExif. And make sure to read up on the history of the Rokon. It's a doozy.