When it comes to getting outside, technical apparel ins’t always required. Hell, most the hiking we do is done while wearing Vans and Levi’s. This isn’t any sort of rebellion against tech, it’s more an exercise in practicality. Leaving cell service and exploring remote areas of wilderness is absolutely something we encourage (with the proper education of course) and do ourselves, but it’s not a thing most of us can do often. Cus, you know, jobs, and cars and rent and hangovers and stuff. So we’re hyped when we see brands acknowledging that many of us outdoorsy types actually do spend most our lives in the city and want to look and feel good regardless of our surroundings. Case in point, the recently introduced Rangemaven Capsule from our pals at Range and Jungmaven, designed specifically with the modern outdoors woman in mind.

The modest collection consists of four limited-edition t-shirt silhouettes made in the USA with a help and organic cotton blend, including three lightweight t-shirts and a 3/4 sleeve Raglan. Both are incredibly soft and naturally durable (shout out hemp). See the shirts for yourself in the equally brief lookbook shot by the talented Jules Davies and Chelsea Parrett while in Joshua Tree this past month. The vibes are right, here, you guys. Don’t miss it.