Good Reads: Six Print Publications We Love

Japanese outdoor gear, a rough-hewn running rang, record shopping in Peru, California on 35mm film, and behind the scenes with Olympic snowboard medalists

Good Reads: Six Print Publications We Love


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Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

*We love print. We love the way it feels, the way it smells, the way it encourages real creativity and authentic storytelling in a world of clickbait headlines and SEO optimized editorials. The following are six pieces of print we've been enjoying lately.



The ultimate source of inspiration if you happen to think outdoor gear should be as stylish and cool as it is functional. Once a venerable unicorn Stateside, Japan’s gear-crazed GO OUT magazine has become slightly more accessible in recent years. With multiple imprints—from gear guides to interior design and camping catalogs—the incredibly thorough magazine features endless gear ideas for practically every outdoor activity under the sun.

Most gear inside isn’t available to North America markets, but that won’t stop us from coveting it until our next Tokyo trip.

If you’re in San Francisco hit the main bookstore in Japantown. If not, Go Out can be found online here for $14 an issue or $217 for a subscription


Tanner Goods' Good Trip : Peru

In December 2016 we spent a few weeks trekking around Peru with our pal Sam Huff, founder of Tanner Goods. The trip was incredible, and inspired Huff to create an entire magazine around what we saw. The first Good Trip issue is a culmination of ideas and photographs from our trip and a subsequent adventure where his crew dug even deeper into the underground music, nightlife, culinary, and adventure scenes. Expect thoughtful think pieces, historical curiosities, and loads of rad vinyl finds.

Catch some auditory vibes via two special mixtapes made by Huff and Aquarium Drunkard here and pick up a physical copy in person at Tanner Goods’ brick and mortars.



Forget the bright and shiny running periodicals you’re used to seeing in doctors’ office waiting rooms. RUNAWAY is different—a new, independent lifestyle magazine for real runners worldwide. It’s rough hewn, slightly irreverent, and designed to inspire city dwellers to get out and pound some pavement.

Each issue focused entirely on a single city. Issue one set its sights on NYC (Issue two, London) and features editorials, interviews with athletes and other cultural figures who happen to run, like chefs, DJs, and designers. Consider it the Satisfy equivalent of running rags.

$26 from RUNAWAY online and these stockists IRL


The Tiny Mess

A proper (smallish) coffee table book, The Tiny Mess is a beautifully produced hardcover cookbook “about people, places, small kitchens, and the delicious meals that come out of them.” Written, photographed, and compiled entirely by pro surfer Trevor Gordon, his illustrator wife, and vegan baker, farmer, and all around badass Mary Gonzalez, the book is filled cover to cover with inspiring recipes, film photography, and people you really wish were your friends.

Whether you yourself are an expert in the kitchen or your culinary talents are limited to PB&Js on burnt toast and box mac’n’cheese, this book is well worth the asking price.

$40 from The Tiny Mess


Captain's Log : Road to PyeongChang

Hondo is like Cher, one name is enough. If you snowboard, his name should ring a bell. If you don’t, well, he’s a boardworld regular with endless editorial bylines and a great smile. This past year he shot 30 rolls of 35mm film while following the world’s best snowboarders around the globe as they competed to qualify for 2018 Olympics. He then made a softcover book about it. Featuring gold medalists Red Gerrard, Chloe Kim, celebrity stuntman Shaun White, plus many others, the lighthearted book offers an intimate, behind the scenes look at life among the very athletes you likely just watched fly around skies of PyeonChang.

$33.50 directly from Hondo himself


California : One Year on the Road

In 2017 Australian photographer and TF contributor Tom Loach called Los Angeles home. This new softcover phonebook features all the moments he spent outside the city, on CA’s many rural roads exploring national parks and nature reserves, documenting some of North America’s most iconic mountain and desert landscapes.

Shot entirely on 35mm film, the 100 page book is currently being funded. Toss $25 Tom’s way and help support self publishing and film photography.

Published 02-28-2018

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