Six Outdoor Publications Worth Reading While Stuck Inside

Tenkara with Yvon Chouinard, the Pacific Crest Trail illustrated, Bushcraft survival skills, the future of outdoor lifestyle, and more

Six Outdoor Publications Worth Reading While Stuck Inside


TF Editors

We love print. We love the way it feels, the way it smells, the way it encourages real creativity and authentic storytelling in a world of clickbait headlines and SEO optimized editorials. The following are six pieces of print we've been enjoying lately.

Range Magazine

Our good friends at RANGE make a damn fine newsprint magazine, existing at the intersection of contemporary culture, art, and the outdoors. Issue 11 is dedicated to origin, culture, and land, with editorials, op-eds, trend reports, and rich photography pulling it all together into one cohesive entity you’ll read cover to cover then leave on your coffee table for further browsing later on.


The Great Alone: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail

Thru-hiking has entered the cultural zeitgeist. It's in the air. Regardless of how you feel about Cheryl Strayed and the many influenced by her time on the Pacific Crest Trail, you'll surely draw inspiration from Tim Voors' new hardcover The Great Alone. With beautiful illustrations, epic photography, detailed trail notes, mindful musings, and much more, this 256 page book covered the 2,650-mile trail like no guide book could.


The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance

Mindfulness is more than just a cultural buzzword, and in the sports world, much is owed to coach George Mumford. Michael Jordan credits Mumford for transforming his on-court leadership that helped him win six rings; Shaq and Kobe both owe much to Mumford too, as do countless other world famous athletes. With down-to-earth writing style and intelligent cultural references this book shares the exalted mindfulness teacher's own strategies and techniques for transforming your own performance, whether you’re an Olympian, armchair athlete, artist, or banker.


The New Outsiders: A Creative Life Outdoors

Gestalten has become a powerhouse in the world of visually-driven outdoor lifestyle publishing. The New Outsiders is the latest title to catch our eye. From free-diving in Patagonia to bikepacking across North America and surfing Arctic waves under the aurora, this new hardcover introduces dozens of influential and sustainably-minded brands and individuals chasing adventures to the world's most stunning and remote locations.


Simple Fly Fishing:Techniques For Tenkara And Rod & Reel

In the world of fishing there is no shortage of do-dads, knick-knacks, and accoutrement to acquire, each item promising to make your next outing more fruitful than the last. But it’s mostly bullshit. All you really need to catch fish is a rod and fly, as proven by Simple Fly Fishing, published by Patagonia. In the face of this consumerist-driven fishing industry exists tenkara, a style of fly fishing in which all the gear that exists is a telescoping rod with fixed line and fly—think of it as a sophisticated Huck Finn setup. This manual of a book exudes a “the more you know, the less you need” mentality, offering insight into how to read water and find fish, and then what techniques to use to land a few.

After learning about the ancient Japanese form of fly fishing Yvon Chouinard swore off reels and extra gear and dedicated all fishing efforts to tenkara for the remainder of his days. If that doesn’t convince you this form of fishing is worth learning about, nothing will.


Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide

If you’ve ever gone down a youtube rabbit hole on bushcraft, this book is for you. With over 300 illustrations, this hardcover is both a useful guide and attractive coffee table book from the mind of New York Times bestselling author and noted wilderness expert Dave Canterbury. Learn how to pack for a trip into the wilderness, what to survive if your stay is longer than expected, what knots to use and when, how to build fire and shelter, what plants to eat, and more. For the eternally curious outdoorist, there may not exist a better book.


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Six Outdoor Publications Worth Reading While Stuck Inside

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