The collaborations just keep coming for Poler, and with winter on the horizon, we couldn't be happier. This three board release from Poler and Nitro Snowboards features a trio of wild shapes designed specifically for riding powder. No, they're not for the faint of heart, short of cash, or sport newcomer, but with the likes of Brian Fox and Austin Smith backing them they’re surely fun as hell to ride.

In decreasing size we have the monster 183 Quiver Cannon, 163 Nuat, and 154 Pow. Each is unique in its own right. The Quiver Cannon will be your best friend on bottomless days when charging steep, tree-free lines.

The more nimble 163 Nuat is also the wildest design. Inspired by classic surfboard shapes with “wings” on the tip and tail, the asymmetrical, extreme pintail shape should allow you to whip turns on a dime, and Cam-Out Camber will keep you floating in all depths of snow.

The 154 Pow was designed by Oregonian Austin Smith as speed-friendly powder machine that’ll handle deep snow without losing maneuverability. The stubby, highly tapered shape is sure to be a blast in fluffy Utah snow and Cascade Concrete (sorry East Coast, this one—or any of the three—may not be for you).