As we’ve reported before, we’re not fans of shorts. Generally speaking we’ll take a good pair of jeans or work pants any day of the week. That being said, it’s hot AF in most of the Western Hemisphere right now and boy oh boy shorts are the only option. So, here’s a pair we do like. The Layton Mesh PKT Climbing Short from Brooklyn’s own Pilgrim Surf + Supply is a sleek, considered short for active folks of all shapes and sizes.

The lightweight, perforated ripstop mesh fabric makes for a sturdy, breathable short ideal for traveling, hiking, swimming, and of course as the name implies, climbing. Now, cargo shorts are pretty much a cardinal sin, but in this instance, we’re backing the functional, understated application.

If the old “it’s an investment” argument doesn’t work on this pair of particularly pricey shorts, dive into the extensive range of other, recently released Pilgrim branded apparel here. There’s something for everyone, as long as you’re an outdoorsman and and all around aesthete. And well, you’re here, so it’s a safe bet.