Whether it’s switching to traceable down or launching global campaigns to help halt destructive legislature and physical development, Patagonia seems always on the offensive when it comes to protecting our planet. The latest initiative is the Clean Color Collection, a line of classic men’s and women’s apparel made with dyes derived from bio-waste, rather than petroleum.

Primarily working with byproducts of food waste, dried beetles, and the poop from silkworms (seriously), the natural dyes are created from 96% renewable resources. And rather than introduce the new dyes with new designs, Patagonia stuck with a handful of classic designs, knowing the best way to make an impact is to update the designs folks are already buying.

The timeless grey hoody, cream crewneck sweater, and LS button down use a dye derived from pomegranate rinds sourced from food production facilities. Other more warm weather silhouettes like the SS button-down, tank top and, basic T-shirt, don a pink hue made from crushed cochineal beetles, which feed on prickly pear cacti. The collection’s green and brown pieces are dyed with a rich green pigment from Chinese silkworm excrement and Palmetto tree and herbal industry byproducts.

Each color will fade with age, adding to the collection’s allure. And as one may expect, all cotton used is 100% organic too. So that’s nice.