In recent years we've witnessed the rise of foam rollers. Or maybe we were just not paying close enough attention to our bodies until recently. Either way, the odd looking accessories can be seriously beneficial in aiding the recovery of muscles that are prone to overexertion. The ridges and ribs work the soft tissue that connects to muscles, loosening and improving blood flow. Only issue is, most foam rollers and fitness accessories of the sort are ugly as not something you’d want to leave hanging around your living room. The Shapes Bundle from NYC-based athleisure brand Outdoor Voices on the other hand, well, these might just find a permanent home in plain sight.

Composed of a roller, block, and triangle, and made entirely of cork, the three shapes can be used in a variety of ways, from offering support and improving balance during yoga to aiding in your post workout regimen. They can also be used to put plants on, if you’re gearing up for a tumblr photo shoot (lol that’s a joke). The natural material is lightweight, anti-microbial, impervious to sweat, and slip resistant.

Shapes Bundle originated from a collaboration with design studio Visibility in which the two brands created wood shapes to be shown at Wallpaper Handmade in Milan as part of Design Week 2015. The collab was a success all around. Now fast forward a year and here you have the widespread introduction of one damn handsome fitness kit designed to encourage users to find new ways to stretch, bend, and play.