The 5 Most Popular Cabins Featured on Field Mag in 2019

From Scandinavian A-Frames and DIY cabins to portable tiny houses, these cabins drew the most eyeballs on Field Mag in 2019

The 5 Most Popular Cabins Featured on Field Mag in 2019


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5. This Creative A-Frame Summer Home in Rural Sweden Doubles as a Play Structure for Kids and Adults Alike

“Designed “like a treehouse for adults,” the split-level structure is made entirely of wood and features a largely open main floor with intimate living quarters and large dormer windows up top. With stunning views from every turn, the modest summer house draws the outside in, and reminds visitors to get outside and make the most of what Mother Nature offers.” READ FULL ARTICLE


4. An Off-Grid Micro Cabin Embraces Nature in the Australian Outback

“With a timber frame, raw ply interior, and black birch exterior the modernist cabin mixes contemporary trends with a slight outdoorsy vibe. One hundred and fifty square feet of minimalist prefab goodness, brought to life in just 60 days.” READ FULL ARTICLE


3. This Mirrored Mountain Hut Brings Runners Back to Nature—Atop a Mountain in the Swiss Alps

“Set consciously between towering mountains 2,500 meters up in an area of the Swiss Alps locals call “the roof of Europe,” the On Mountain Hut is a trail runner’s dream.” READ FULL ARTICLE


2. How to Build a DIY A-Frame Cabin for Around $8,000

“Ottawa, Ontario-based skater, outdoorsman, and wood worker Andrew Szeto shares specific lessons learned, a full budget rundown, and a step by step video capturing the DIY build of his very own A-Frame cabin, built by friends for under $8,000 USD.” READ FULL ARTICLE


1. A Unique Triangle-Shaped Cabin Inspires in Rural Quebec

“By restricting the interior living space to one side of the conventional A design, the designers have freed up the remaining footprint to be used as a covered outdoor space for use year round. Sizable windows and a raw fir plywood interior further invite the outdoors in, creating a light and bright space for analog moments away from city life.” READ FULL ARTICLE

Published 12-26-2019