OG Snowshoe Brand Atlas Taps Photog Mister Mort for Artist Series

A Grateful Dead-inspired tie dye snowshoe from the mind of fashion's favorite New York personality/street style documentarian

OG Snowshoe Brand Atlas Taps Photog Mister Mort for Artist Series


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Sometimes the best collaborations make no damn sense. But then you look a little deeper, and they still make no sense. But THEN, you look a litttttle deeper, and maybe there's something to it? Case in point, the new Mister Mort x Atlas Snowshoe. It's really good. Here's why.

So, Mordechai Rubinstein, aka Mister Mort, is a sort of mythological figure in the fashion world. Part street style photographer, part editor, part stylist, full on New York personality, Mister Mort is a genuine character, a champion of personal style with an unmatched eye for burgeoning trends. And now, he's a snowshoe designer, thanks to Atlas.


For the latest Artists Series release by OG brand Atlas—self described as "the most technically innovative snowshoe brand"—the Mister Mort x Atlas Snowshoe collection includes two pieces—a tried and true snowshoe and collapsible trekking poles. The former dons tie dye. The later, a caution tape-inspired design. Again, it doesn't make sense. But then again, it does. Especially if you consider Mister Mort's interest in the Grateful Dead aesthetic—and how NYC is always under construction.


Technically speaking, the snowshoe features an easy-to-use Wrapp Trail Binding system, Light Ride Suspension and heel lift bar for high angle trekking. As Atlas says, "the function is surpassed only by its looks." The limited-edition Lockjaw 3-Piece Pole is a lightweight adjustable design trusted by avid snowshoe and hiking enthusiasts.


In launch the collection, Atlas commissioned a series of short films showing Mister Mort himself testing the product in the street's of New York City. It's as silly, absurd, and entertaining as you might expect.

The Mister Mort x Atlas snowshoe sells for $170, with the poles going for $85. Add some style to your outdoor gear closet!


Published 01-09-2020