In the year of our lord two thousands and nineteen it should come as no surprise that many nature lovers also enjoy the devil’s lettuce. Until recently, elevating one’s outdoor experience meant packing in a preroll or maybe lugging some heavy gas station styled glass pipe into the backcountry (and we all know not to bring glass to the campsite). That’s all changed with Dangle Supply, makers of the world’s most lightweight titanium smoking accessories for design-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Dangle Supply’s new collaboration with Los Angeles-based boutique for high-minded individuals, Mister Green, sees their flagship water pipe get a custom, retro colorway update inspired by the classic blue and white speckled enamelware camp cookware of our youth. Released as part of Mister Green’s new “GEAR” collection, the Dangle Supply x Mister Green titanium bong ($140) weighs just 150 grams (!) and measures just 7.5” tall, making it fast-and-light approved.

The minimalist water pipe is made of surgical-grade TIG welded titanium and features a bowl piece machined of solid titanium—that also doubles as a one-hitter if need be—and a rubber stopper with built in bowl storage. The design features a D ring handle for clipping onto just about anything—your bike basket, saddle bag, backpack, belt loop, etc.

If you’re into this sort of thing, it doesn’t get much better than this. And if you’re not, well, you’re a narc. Sorry bro.