Every day at Field Mag HQ is Earth Day. But today is, like, really Earth Day. So, given that, we want to share some love for a rad small brand we’ve long appreciated that is dedicated to enhancing experiences in the natural world—Dangle Supply, makers of ultralight titanium smoking devices for ounce counting outdoor enthusiasts. And yes, we are two days late on the 420 post, but Earth Day is basically the same thing (PSA: LOVE YOUR MOTHER!) so go ahead and fill in your own joke about weed causing memory loss and lowered ambitions or whatever.

The titanium DangleBong is the brand’s flagship product, and just about the sleekest bong you’ll ever meet. At just 7.5” tall and weighing around 150 grams (!), the minimalist water pipe is made of surgical-grade TIG welded titanium with a bowl piece machined of solid titanium, that also doubles as a one-hitter if need be. The design features a D ring handle for clipping onto just about anything—your bike basket, saddle bag, backpack, belt loop, etc—and is now available in a few anodized colors.

Reportedly founded by a well-known custom bike builder who prefers to remain nameless for the time being, DangleBong has quickly caught on in the ultralight bikepacking and bike touring space, with legends like Ultra Romance modeling for the brand, and plenty of promotion by the Radavist himself too. In other words, if those two vouch for Dangle, then you know it’s legit. And if that’s not enough, check out this rather insightful Reddit thread on the subject.

PS - Dangle also recently introduced the WizardStix pipes, which is pretty much exactly what you’re imagining it is...