Like a pocketknife, a well-made hatchet is a tool that you won’t likely understand the usefulness of until you own one. From setting tent stakes and splitting fire wood to chopping vegetables at dinnertime, a sharp, handheld hatchet is truly something every camper should keep in their kit. And if you’re like us, not just any old Home Depot find will do. No, only the best! Luckily, the fine folks at UK-based Miscellaneous Adventures just recently introduced their very own Micro Hiking Hatchet.

Defined by a Scandinavian-inspired design and elegance we’ve come to expect from the artist-turned-woodsman (and woodswoman) duo behind Miscellaneous Adventures, the Micro Hiking Hatchet is as handsome as it functional. And made to last. The hatchets are made in limited numbers with an axe head hand forged in Somerset by a local blacksmith, and fitted to hand carved, solid ash handle made from timber felled from nearby woods.

"You can use it for everything you'd use a knife for, plus a whole heap more," reasons Emma Hughes, one half of Miscellaneous Adventures. "Each one is slightly different due the forging and carving processes. We think it's a worthwhile investment and a tool that will become treasured over many years of adventuring."

Adding to the handmade vibe is a custom leather sheath to protect the blade (and you) during times of transit or nonuse. A bright paracord leash finishes off the handle. Plus a custom illustrated axe booklet and enamel pin come with each hatchet. In other words, every dang detail is as well considered as can be.