The Scottish 'Bothy' Gets a Modern Make-Over at Inverlonan

'Wild wellness' drives the design behind these two lakeside cabins in the remote countryside of Scotland

The Scottish 'Bothy' Gets a Modern Make-Over at Inverlonan


Ellen Eberhardt



Pennsylvania raised and Brooklyn-based, Ellen is a designer, outdoorist, and sometimes dancer.

Centered around an ethos of ‘wild wellness’, newly opened Scottish estate Inverlonan offers two prefab cabins that perfectly blend high design with rustic amenities—"rough luxury" as it were. The all-inclusive retreat is situated on banks of remote Loch Nell, some two to three hours drive northwest of Glasgow.

The cabins re-imagine the 'bothy', barebones huts traditionally spread throughout the Scottish countryside to house shepherds and farmworkers in times of inclement weather—which are quite frequent in this part of the world. In more recent years the now extensive network of open shelters has grown to span much of the UK’s most remote landscapes with bothies favored by wayward hikers, backpackers, and adventurous wanderers of other sorts, largely free of charge.

Like their historical counterparts, the bothies of Inverlonan are completely off-grid, but offer enough modern amenities to make for a luxurious stay.




Designed by UK-based prefab studio Bothy Stores and named after the Gaelic term “Uisge Beatha” (Oosh-Ka Bay-Ah), which translates to “the Water of Life”, the two cottages are built in similar styles while maintaining individual character.

Sitting among the rolling hills overlooking Loch Nell, the Uisge Bothy is clad in copper-colored corten steel and wood siding, while the Beatha Bothy is covered in black tin paneling. Both cottages feature their own private deck, open fire pit, outdoor wood-fired pizza oven (!), eco-toilet, and outdoor shower.



“Rough luxury” drives the interior design of each bothy, and both feature a mixture of locally made furniture and decor. Simple gabled roofs, skylights, and floor-to-ceiling windows open up the modest living spaces, which include a lofted king bed, wood stove, Scandinavian style sofas, rustic wooden furniture, and a few choice wall-hangings.

As a bonus, and so you never have to leave the coziness of the bothies during your stay, Inverlonan offers up food bundles with locally sourced ingredients you can prepare in the small kitchenette or outside over the fire pit.

Accessible only by foot, boat, or buggy, the Inverlonan experience is designed to immerse you in the Scottish landscape and slow your roll. Swim in the loch, cycle through the countryside, visit ancient landmarks, or simply enjoy the spoils of a remote escape.

Rates start at £300.00 for two nights




Published 12-15-2020