Nicolas Müller is a living legend. He exists in a league of his own, with an unmatched ability to make something as reduimentary as a powder slash seem like a barrier breaker. Any day of the week we'd rather see Müller rip a method off a natural hit than Johhny Backflip debut an Olympic-winning trippleflip. If you feel the same way, you'll be as excited as we are to see GNU release the Müllair, Müller's first pro model snowboard with the Washington-based brand.

To backtrack a bit, in another extremely surprising display of talent hemmoraging, Burton gave Müller the boot in late 2014, leaving the Swiss style master without a board sponsor for the first time in over a decade. Shortly thereafter he landed at GNU, and the industry breathed a collective sigh of releif. GNU tendency towards innovation, environmentally conscious construction and freedom of expression seems a perfect fit for Müller. Case in point: The Müllair is made using recycled UHMW sidewalls, bio beans topsheet, renewable cellulose bio fibers and an FSC certified aspen core.

Billed as a "directional all terrain freestyle" board, the 2015/2016 model features mini magne-traction (a reigned-in iteration of the wavey edge design GNU/LIB is known for) and a clever combination of traditional camber and rocker to deliver a responsive and poppy ride on hardpack and plenty of float in powder.

Find more specs on the Müllair from GNU, where it sells for $600.