Sometimes it feels silly to wear big, badboy boots in the city, as if only sneakers or hard bottoms belong on concrete. But then it snows and street corners turn into deceptive lagoons of half melted, ankle deep, grey ice water (shout out my fellow New Yorkers) and we remember that a proper pair of boots should be able to hold their own in any environment without looking entirely out of place, be it the corner of Broadway/Lafayette or your local trailhead. While we've long been fans of the heavy duty Tanner Goods x Danner collabs, we've recently been clomping around in a pair of Hanwags—the German-made Grünten to be exact.

It's easy to want to like the Grünten. It's so clearly badass, and handsome as hell—if James Bond was Scandinavian, he'd wear the Grünten. And considering Hanwag has been making boots by hand since 1921, you can bet they've survived on more than heritage alone. Luckily, the mid-cut boot is not just easy on the eyes, but super functional too.

Right out the box we were impressed with just how lightweight and easy they are to slip on and lace up, and then quickly slip off (compared to other boots of this size and caliber). The gusseted tongue helps with this, while also making the boot totally waterproof up to the ankle. Soft leather lining and double stitching throughout help ensure a comfortable fit from day one, while a fully resoleable Vibram sole means they’ll last as long as you want them to. Plus the all-black colorway holds a certain sense of formality that helps the design feel a bit less aggressive.

In short, if you’re after a work-ready boot that’s not likely to ever feel dated anytime soon, while also ready to take a beating without breaking, then skip rent next month and snag a pair of Grünten from Hanwag for €265